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MK IV Golf GT TDI Conversion to Run on Waste Veg Oil

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:47 pm    Post subject: MK IV Golf GT TDI Conversion to Run on Waste Veg Oil Reply with quote

I noticed that all the pics to my build thread on the MKIV forum aren't working so thought I'd put the build thread here in case it is useful for someone.

Ok Started to have a play starting with getting rid of all this rubbish (this is not required for the Twin Tank install but did clear some space and make the car go better. I have been informed the EGr removal is an MOT fail however the car hasn't failed an MOT on it yet and is still going.

for the bin..

Inlet wasn't too bad

but gave it a good Mr Muscle so nice and clean inside..

I used an Allard kit which was very nice..

and replaced hoses with some blue silicon ones

With all the EGR pipes and valves gone I inverted the N75 valve to make some space for the Heat Exchanger.. this wil attach to the bobbins you can see I've attached to the Bulkhead.

With the airbox out the way I have room for the Solenoids which control the flushing of the engine with Diesel at the end of a run so you don't leave Veg Oil in the engine/pump making it a nightmare to start the next day (think sucking golf ball through hose pipe)

Slow work with this crap weather but managed to fit my boat tank in the wheel well last night. This tank will contain Diesel and used to flush the engine of the chip fat at the end of the day and startup until the engine gets warm enough to heat the chipfat using the heat exchanger which is tapped into the heater matrix feed.

Bit more progress...

Drill hole

Insert Rubber Grommit

Pass Pipe Through

Out the other side

and off to the front of the front of the car cable tying as we go

Fits nicely beside the main fuel tank

VW left a space for an extra pipe which clips in nicely

Then shove it in the middle hole

and out it pops next to the main fuel line and return perfect

Next Stop Plumbing in the Heat Exchanger to the Heater Matrix..

First Cut Pipe which goes from the engine to the heater matrix and take a small chunk out to allow room for T-Piece

Inset T-Piece and J-clip it up then cut the other heater pipe

Insert T-Piece and J-Clip that one up.

Connect pipes from T-Piece's into heater matrix with an in-line temp sensor fitted to one of the pipes that will trigger the solenoid to let the Veg Oil into the engine once the coolant in the heater matrix hits 40degrees.

The Heat Exchanger is fitted in parallel to the heater matrix rather then in-line so as not to cause a bottleneck and keep a good flow to the heater matrix.

Next up Wiring and plumbing in the Fuel pipes to the solenoids.
OK bit more to update you with...

Next up Electrics this basically involves some relays which control the solenoids linked to a control unit which is inside the car.

I decided to attach the relays to the trunking for the main loom

Then pass the loom up through the trunk around the pollen filter into the cabin.

There were also a couple of wires for Perm Live and Negative which went up the trunking to the battery.

then cover it all up

Really happy with the electrics as wires were hidden away nicely and relays tucked nicely out the way.

Then moving inside..

I removed the glovebox and behind there was a nice grommit which goes through to the engine bay (thank to members here for that one). I threaded a stiff piece of wire through the hole and attached the Dieselveg loom to it with tape and pulled it into the cabin.

I then cable tied the dieselveg loom to the stereo loom and thread the cables through to the drivers side.

Next I removed the panel to the left of the steering wheel which is where I decided to put the control unit. Iniitally I planed to put it in the same place I had it on my Passat here

Annoyingly when I did this it it rendered the wonderful cup holders useless as it got in the way grrrrr

So remove panel drill hole for deiselveg loom

Screw control unit from behind

Control Unit wired and in place.

There was also a wire that needed a ignition feed for the control box... now this may sound simple but I found that 99% of the ignition feeds seem to drop there voltages to zero when the starter is spinning! This is no good as it takes the power from the solenoids and closes up the diesel ways so to speak. In the end I found a black wire coming out the back of the fuse box that was ignition live and still live when spinning the car over so spliced into this wire.

Wiring done... just the diesel/veg pipes to do.

Ok First job with the pipe work before I forgot was to put a breather in the diesel flush tank in the spare wheel well to stop it imploding.

Next up was to move the diesel filter as with it being by the screen washer bottle on the RH side of the engine bay it was a long way from the heat exchanger and solonoids meaning the veg oil would cool a bit travelling around the engine bay.

So bracket made and relocated next to the oil filter


Next up was to reverse the inlet and diesel pump pipes. This pic shows the return pipe heading left

by unbolting the pipe and flipping it to the right it was heading where I needed it to (solenoids)

With all the pipe connected up I bunged the K&N on

I want to move this down the side of the battery at some point to be near the airflow but here is fine.

With all that done it was time to fire up which took 10 or so mins of bleeding and turning over and using the control module to flush both sides of the system and I was up and running Happy

I've be running for a week (300+miles) now with no issues so job done.
1971 Devon Bay with 1800 Ford Turbo Diesel Engine (wip)
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