VWKD Sticker Application


Get Sticker Ready and Ensure Fingers and Window is Clean


Have a quick practice to see where you will be locating the Sticker


Start CAREFULLY peeling apart the two bits of paper.


Peel back the applicator paper (thinner tracing paper bit) and be sure to do it slowly and make sure the picture and letters come away on the applicator paper.
Note: You will need to keep pushing the paper back together to get ALL the sticker to stick to the applicator paper. This can be a bit tedeous but keep pushing paper back together and fold the paper back on steep angle and it will work. Also try peeling from other end if you get stuck halfway... get this bit right and the end result will be amazing


ALL letters and picture should be on the applicator paper and in the correct place


VERY Carefully position the Sticker on to the window. This is a One time chance so be super careful... however if you wet the screen you are able to move the sticker around to get it in the right place (wish I knew this before I did this one!)


Run finger along the top of the applicator paper firmly pushing down to ensure the sticker is firmly stuck to the window


Slowly peel away the applicator paper


Slowly does it


Looking Good


Job Done


Voila ! Sexy looking Sticker